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The Easy Way to Plan Gold Savings for Kids

In for a penny, in for a pound. Saving is a great preparation even a small amount because no one knows our fate in the future. In this article, I will share an easy way for parents to plan gold savings for kids.

One of the best savings for children is through gold. These gold savings or investments for me have two types.

One is physical gold savings such as dinars, gold bars and jewelry. We buy, keep and finally sell for a higher price in the future.

Another easier approach is through a gold savings account. Among the things I love about this gold, especially for savings to the kids are:

  • Can start with small capital
  • Shariah-compliant
  • No need to keep gold at home. Security risks can be reduced.

This first point is very important because be aware, not everyone can afford to buy gold in large quantities.

It is probably very rare and almost impossible for people to be able to save 10 grams of gold a month (about RM2,712 at the time this article was written). There may be for those who can afford it.

But from my ability, only around RM100 for children’s savings. If there is more like ‘duit raya’, it is considered a bonus for them to add the savings.

Gold savings can be started when our children are young. Let’s say it’s 1 year old and we plan for the next 15 to 20 years.

So these savings are indirect, just solely for their use during that time.

Maybe to further their studies or if less successful in their studies, you can use the capital for them to start a business.

My focus here is the habit of saving for their convenience in the future.

Why Gold Savings and Not Cash Savings?

Cash savings are usually for the short term. In times of emergency, we need money, so we should have an easy-to-withdraw savings (cash) account.

Therefore, it is also necessary to save cash and do not save everything in gold.

While gold savings for kids are for the long term. There needs to be a special-purpose why we keep gold to children.

What I see is for educational purposes like further studies to university. With the gold, we can convert it into cash and use it for their education.

At the same time, it teaches us not to 100% rely on PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund Corporation) debt.

This is because this kind of education debt is very painful after graduation to be paid. I’ve been through it and I’m sure you’re the same.


Credit images Ministry of Education and Bernama

From the above statistics, we can know that lots of borrowers do not pay PTPTN loans. For me, it’s not a hassle but the issue is the graduates not getting a job that allows them to make payments.

I don’t want to blame any party, but this kind of education debt, no matter what, still has to be paid.

So, for our kids, make early savings and one of the best is to go for the gold.

The price of gold, in the long run, will increase. So cash on hand in the next 10, 20 years will be more. Definitely a relief for us for the children’s needs.


According to the chart above from, the rise in the price of gold, in the long run, is very good.

For example, if you own 1 gram of gold in 2000 (RM40/g), then 20 years later (2020) it is worth RM200/g.

Return on Investment (ROI) of 400% or about 8% per annum. A profitable investment.

So we can see this gold fits our long-term goals.

In addition to the gold savings for the Kids, we can also give gifts such as Hibah Takaful to family members if we can afford to support the family.

How to Make Gold Savings for Kids with Small Capital?

In Malaysia, one of the companies that have gold savings accounts is Public Gold. There is a gold account known as the Gold Accumulated Program (GAP).


GAP Account Advantages:

  • Can save as low as RM100 pure gold 999.9 (24k). This RM100 is calculated from the latest gold price ratio.
  • Shariah-compliant. This adds to our confidence as Muslims to transact without riba and hesitation.
  • Backed 100% by physical gold. Suppose you buy RM100 = 0.3676gram, meaning the weight of the gold is indeed stored as physical gold in your account.
  • Gold accumulated in GAP can be converted to physical gold. With terms and conditions subject to eligibility according to a certain weight.
  • Can make regular deductions every month.
  • Can open an account online. Faster.
  • Can be purchased online only through the GAP portal provided by Public Gold.

To register a GAP account, you need to go through the dealer because you need to enter the dealer member number (PG Code).

Simply, you can contact my friend at 019-3712541 (Pn. Raihana) for registration assistance. He is a Public Gold dealer and willing to help you throughout the process.

Apart from GAP, Public Gold also offers Silver savings with the same concept known as the Silver Accumulation Program (SAP).

Think Your Kids, Save Even A Small

I’m not rich. Maybe many are like me but I am confident and believe we want the best for our children’s future. One way is to provide them with decent capital so that they do not beg later.

As a responsible parent, start saving even a little. There will come a time when we ourselves will smile happily reaping the results.

For more information, visit

Abu Sofea
GAP’s Saver


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