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Want to make money with article?

Have experience writing articles on blogs, magazines and websites?

We provide the opportunity to publish your article on Each published article will be paid RM30 per article.

Terms and Condition:

1. Articles must be original that have never been published on any website, blog, newspaper, magazine or anywhere.

2. The minimum length is 800 words. The article should use complete grammar and sentence structure without abbreviations.

3. Articles in English only. The scope of writing is related to family and parenting includes sub-categories such as health, finance, education, business and related.

4. To provide appropriate links to the websites or other reference sources if you make an external link.

5. The graphics such as pictures, diagrams, tables, data must be original or if you are using from a website or other source, please give credit or a link to the original owner.

6. The author is fully responsible for ensuring the information and facts are accurate.

7. Articles submitted are not necessarily published. Only articles that meet the requirements will be selected for publication.

8. We will not be responsible for delays, non -compliance with the submitted articles.

9. There is no guarantee the article will be published in the near future. We will review all articles submitted

Article Preparation

1. Articles can be written in a format such as Microsoft Word or Email.

2. Articles submitted will go through an editing process that may be modified (if necessary) in accordance with the theme, grammar, search engine, and concept of

3. Send with your full name, email, and phone number.

If interested, please send your article to entitled “ Article”

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