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5 Best Advises From Wife to Help Husband Quit Smoking

Smoking is harmful to health. Everybody knows that. But there are still those who practice this habit. In this article, I will share 5 advise for a wife to help husband quit smoking.

Bad facts about cigarettes:

  • In Malaysia, about 10,000 people die every year.
  • One cigarette contains about 4,000 dangerous poisons.
  • Only 50% of smokers will be able to reach the age of 70
  • RM1.5 billion is spent by Malaysians to buy cigarettes

The family is an institution that requires tolerance between two parties, namely husband and wife.

Each needs to be prepared to accept the shortcomings and strengths of the partner so that the happiness and harmony of living together can be achieved.

Hence, it is very important to practice tolerance and mutual respect, especially in matters involving the safety and health of each partner.

Discussing the question of safety and health, most wives today have to face risks when many husbands choose to remain smokers.

Some people make promises to stop when they are married, but promises are just gone like the wind.

poison in cigarettes

Every day the husband continues with harmful habits, not only himself but also has a bad effect on the family.

Being a good husband not only provides external and internal sustenance but should also be emulated with a noble attitude.


1. Explain the Dangers and Risks of Passive Smokers.

Smokers are often aware of the risks to themselves but are less aware of the risks that people surrounding.

Wives and children are passive smokers who are most at risk of complications due to their husband’s cigarette smoke.

Smokers only inhale 25% of the smoke while the remaining 75% is released into the air which is eventually inhaled by the passive smokers around.

This makes passive smokers exposed to 50 times the harmful toxins released by smokers.

2. Describe the Health Risks That Passive Smokers Have to Face.

Given that this group inhales more smoke than smokers, it is clear that the risk to health is also very high.

husband quit smoking

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Wives need to explain comprehensively the risks of fertility (husbands need to understand the chances of having a child become low).

Even if the wife is pregnant, the chemicals in cigarette smoke may lead to a premature baby.

Wives are also at risk of getting various dangerous cancers.

A husband who truly loves his wife and children must try to do something so that his loved ones are not affected by his own self-satisfaction.

If you want to help husband quit smoking, instill a strong determination to continue to advise your husband of the health risks that are of concern to the children.

3. Explain the Impact on Household Expenditure.

As a husband and head of the family, you will certainly be more aware of this effect.

However, sometimes they take an indifferent attitude. Especially if the wife has an income that can cover the shortfall caused by the smoking habit.

Therefore, wives should wisely explain to their husbands about the expenses that should be the responsibility of the husband.

Sometimes it is possible to allude to the value of savings that may have accumulated if the husband does not use the money to buy cigarettes.

What’s more, if the family still has a lot of debt to settle but is wasted on useless things.

4. Explain in the most polite language the effect of smoking on the husband’s ability during sexual intercourse.

Many smokers disagree because they are still able to have children. Yet if described well, they will realize that smoking greatly affects their abilities.

The nicotine contained in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to the penis to narrow and can interfere with sexual function.

Smokers tend to get tired faster during sex. Even the ability to control erections is affected.

This can contribute to marital problems because satisfaction in a marital relationship is very important to bind the sense of love and affection.

5. The wife as an ‘assistant manager ‘needs to give a clear picture to the smoking couple about the risk of children’s behavior.

As we know, children easily imitate the things they see. If you often see the father smoking, the mother does not care, eventually, the children will consider it a normal act in life.

quit smoking

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It is not impossible that they will try when the opportunity arises.

How does a father want to reprimand his son who smokes in school if the father himself casually smokes in the house every day?

Quit Smoking Program

There are many programs to help your husband quit smoking. If the advice is no longer able to change, maybe it’s time to seek advice from a more expert.

We hope this guide help husband quit smoking and protect your family from the dangers of smoking.

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