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Benefits of Hibah: 4 Reason a Husband Need to Know

Last updated on 07/06/2021

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A Hibah in simple language is a gift to someone. There are many benefits of hibah to the family that a husband needs to know. In this article, I will share with you more about the befits to your family.

Hibah = Gift

That’s the easiest meaning to understand. The terms come from Arabic means the gift given voluntarily to someone.

I am writing this article as a public person and do not represent any party or insurance/takaful company. Based on my observation, there are two best companies that provide takaful hibah (cash) in Malaysia:

Of course, I wrote because I subscribed to a hibah from a takaful company. Apart from cash grants, we also need health takaful coverage.

So, my perspective is not to be biased to any party. Just to share for the financial survival of the heirs of the deceased.

As consumers, we are free to choose the company that makes takaful hibah according to our needs and financial capabilities. In this article, I will explain about cash hibah (cash) from takaful type only.

In this article, I will share a simple situation where only the husband is working. He is the chief of the family who covers most of the family’s monthly commitments.

His wife also works as an assistant to support him. But in some cases, the wife is not working (housewives) and taking care of their children.

If this is the case, the husband is the main source of family income. If the husband unable to work or dies, then there is no source of income.

Who will be responsible for the survival of his wife and children? The first question the husbands have to answer or the wife has to think.

Here comes the hibah as protection when this issue occurs either the husband unable to work or death.

The hibah also acts as an addition, especially during the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic situation. Cases go up every day and the risk to everyone is very high. So, extra protection is very necessary.

Let me share 4 benefits of hibah to your family:

1. Cost of Living Requirement After Husband’s Death

The main and most important reason for a husband to get a hibah. At that he died he had already finished his phase in the world, but what was the fate of his wife and children who still had to survive for the living?

benefits of hibah

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This hibah takaful cash will provide cash directly to the nominee (wife) without going through the Faraid process. His family can get fast money, at the same time can survive without financial stress.

2. Not Enough Savings

We all know, not everyone has savings of hundreds of thousands ringgit after death. There may be but not many. We definitely don’t want to sacrifice children’s savings accounts that are more important for their future.

Many of us just have enough to survive. Maybe the saving only able to accommodate his wife and children for less than a few months.

Honestly, that is my situation. But in the long run, it will become a problem for the family who don’t have enough money to survive.

Without cash, the wife has to work to earn an income. Another question triggered, how long the wife able to work again? It is very impossible to get a job in a very short time.

For a working wife, it is also necessary to increase income by doing a side business or two jobs at a time. Isn’t that an added burden in terms of time, energy and mentality?

3. Avoid Seizing Inheritance

The husband left lots of property after passed away. During his life many do not care about the property. Leave it to the family of the deceased to take care of it.

However, the situation changed after becoming an inheritance. Many of them scramble for property, claiming here. During this hectic period, the welfare of the deceased’s heirs is more important.

If there is property, Islamic faraid is one of the best methods to settle the division fairly. The wife’s share is only 1/8 of the property and the process will be longer if there is no cooperation from siblings, parents and family.

While waiting for the property to be divided, the heirs of the deceased must continue to live. Luckily, cash hibah is very necessary because the process is faster.

4. Husband Is No Longer Able To Work

There are many reasons such as health factors and also the consequences of accidents. If something like this happens that leads to permanent disability, automatically the family will get the hibah.

So, the same concept can help families who are burdened due to the husband is no longer able to work.

Does your husband already have Hibah?

If so, congratulations because they aware benefits of hibah for the family. We all know the sky is not always clear. We don’t ask of it but God’s provision no one can term.

Husbands are solely responsible to ensure not only today or tomorrow ‘food needs to be fed’ to children and wives, but far beyond their future.

But your husband has not taken the hibah due to financial constraints? I understand. If you work, you can take it for your husband. Have a good session with your husband. Not for anyone else for a better bright future for the family.

My 5 cents advice to the husband. Before sleep, think about your loving children and wife. Think deeply.

What would happen if tomorrow I was not breathinganymore?

Abu Sofea

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