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5 Smart Tips How to Avoid Scammer

Last updated on 04/07/2021

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The term scammer means a person who cheats. The simple language is deceptive. The main purpose is to get money from the victim. This time article I will share 5 smart tips on how to avoid scammer scams.

Fraudsters are everywhere. You can find them in the real world or even more on the internet.

With the advent of borderless internet technology, scammer activities become more organized and cunning as no one sees.

Facebook, Whatsapp and Email are among the well-known mediums used for these unethical activities. It’s because victims gather here, available with thousands of bucks waiting to be deceived.

Without knowledge and awareness, surely the savings run out. Therefore prevention is more important than cure.

This afternoon, I just received a call claiming from ‘Customs Department’. They ask for my personal information.

The call even came from a mobile phone number. Surely, it’s just a trap. With just two minutes of argument with the so-called ‘Customs Department’, I’m dropping the call.

According to New Straits Times, between January until September 2020, there are losses of RM232 million trap with the Macau image MalaysiaKini and PDRM.

How Does Scammer Deceive People?

The modus operandi of the scammer is to offer an unmissable reward such as a lot of money.


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Also threatens and blackmail the victims with personal information such as photos, videos and documents.

The goal is to get easy money from you. In addition to money, they also want satisfaction and pride when they can deceive the victim.

The examples of well-known fraud cases in Malaysia are:

  • Love Scam – Scammer deceives victims who want to find friends or find a mate. In the end, rather than get a mate, they lose the money.
  • Parcel Scam – You been call to have received the goods but were stuck at customs. Need to pay to get the goods.
  • Given money by companies, rich people, wills and so on. To get the money, you have to give the scammer the processing money. That’s no free lunch!
  • Ask for donations via Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram to tell the hardships of life, post pictures that are heartbreaking until we also feel pity.
  • Macau Scam and the like that lure us with a lot of monthly remuneration, but end up lost of thousand of money.
  • Scams on shopping websites and ads. Pay a deposit, goods do not arrive and money is lost. Remember so housewives who love business and shopping can miss out, but the risks are still there.
  • Scams on the internet via email by providing business opportunities worth millions of dollars. I always get it too via email.

5 Smart Tips How to Avoid Scammer

1. Keep Calm If You Received Rewards or Threats

When we are calm, the mind will become saner and not followed by emotional actions. These are the first tips on how to avoid scammer.

For example, we just get a ‘good news’ that we will get RM1 million from someone. But, we need to pay the ‘shipping cost’ in order to release the money. Sound familiar right?

At first glance, it seems too easy for someone to give us that such lots of money.

Some people say, “Too Good, To Be True”.

If we obsess with the offer and passionate about the rewards, of course with a hasty emotion will drag us to pay the money and eventually incur very obvious losses.

Money is definitely gone, also no one knows who’s the scammer and where the culprit is.

It is the same approach we should do if we receive threats. Be patient. We are in a country that is protected in terms of security.

It is best to file a police report and let them help you.

2. Investigate the Scammer’s Phone Number or Email

The easiest way is to install the TrueCaller application. You will be notified by the apps if the phone number is real or just a hoax. That’s the smart way you can do on how to avoid scammer.


Use the search engine such as Google, type in the phone number or email of the scammer. You will find results from websites, blogs, forums or portals regarding scammer activities.

The information on the internet really helps us make wise decisions. This is because the community and public awareness are very high to help them not to be deceived.

That’s why it’s important to investigate before acting baselessly.

3. Ask Close Friends and Family

There may be some of your friends who have experience or knowledge in dodging scammer scams.

They are the closest people who are very willing to help you from getting stuck into a victim.

4. Do Not Provide Personal Information

Personal information is your absolute right. Never share with anyone you don’t know because you definitely don’t what’s going to happen next.

Among the private information are identity card numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, bank numbers and most important is bank card pin number.

The world of scammer is just as great as the world of hackers who can hack your bank account in the blink of an eye if there is enough information.

5. Don’t Pick Up Phone or Reply Whatsapp Unknown Number

I believe we are used to receiving calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes from abroad. My sincere advice just ignores it.

The issue came if you pick up or reply to Whatsapp, they are easier to influence our minds to make decisions that ultimately harm us.

There are cases through Whatsapp using profile pictures of famous people or good friends of ours asking for financial help.

Either just ignore it or directly contact our friend for confirmation.

Always Aware, Trap is Anywhere

The loss of thousands of ringgit is certain, but the more severe effects can lead to mental problems, depression and even suicide.

Diligently read the news on the internet, watch television for more awareness. My message, if the offer received doesn’t make sense and out of nowhere, ignore it.

Abu Sofea
Safety First

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